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Hello, Dear Guest,

Thank You for visiting our web-site. We appreciate your interest in our Dance Ensemble "Kvity Ukrayiny" of Yuzhnoukrayins'k and in Ukrainian Folk Art in general. Let's introduce ourselves in case we are not acquainted yet.

Who we are?

We're a big family of about 230 children and young people starting from the age 3 to 33, and even more.:) We like to play, to have a good time, to shout and jump, to be talkative, lazy or weepy - typical for our age. But something has been different for us since the day we entered ballet class - we've been around a miracle worker.

The name of the miracle worker is Olha Forostenko. She is unchallenged leader, the founder and Mother of our big family. She teaches us so much about the dance, about Ukrainian and Global Cultural Heritage, about friendship and cooperation. But the most important thing - she helps us to become amazed about the brilliant results we can achieve by being purposeful in our activities. She gives us a strong feeling of self-confidence, which lasts for our whole life.

The new generation Artistic Leader - Valeriya Forostenko - is one of our graduates. She takes care of the youth cast of the group and we still have fun performing together with her.

Where are we from?

We live, study and dance in the small, nice, young town of Yuzhnoukrayins'k in the southern part of Ukraine. Our town was built together with South-Ukrainian Atomic Power Plant and a lot of our parents work there. Dance Ensemble "Kvity Ukrayiny" was founded in 1991 in the Palace of Culture and Technique "Energetyk". By the way, in a couple of years we will celebrate our 20th anniversary.:)

What we do?

Our artistic life seems to be pretty hectic. We have a lot of practice in dancing - we regularly start our lessons from classical or character exercise. We also have a lot of concerts. The youngest start their career on stage performing funny children's dances. Getting older and more experienced, we continue with Ukrainian Folk Dances and Folk Dances of the World. Some talented and diligent girls even try themselves in the ballerina role - they perform classical dances.

Where have we been?

We like to travel together, meet new friends, visit new countries. Speaking to spectators in the universal and comprehensive language of Dance Art, we're always happy to tell them beautiful and amazing stories about us, about Ukraine. We have fond memories of each stage, each concert, from those in Ukraine to the USA, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland and Spain. We really feel excited being so welcomed by spectators and believe the circle of our friends and geography of our tours will keep expanding.

Who is the most talkative person in the group?

We would be happy to give you any additional information about our Dance Ensemble "Kvity Ukrayiny" of Yuzhnoukrayins'k or our country Ukraine. You can freely get in contact with our Administrative Director Nataliya Ponomaryova - our former dancer - via post, e-mail or phone.

Komunistychnyy av. 7, ap. 88
Yuzhnoukrayins'k, 55000
Mykolayiv Region

Web-site: www.dance.org.ua
E-mail: kvity(at)dance.org.ua, kvityukrayiny(at)gmail.com
Phone: +380675095548, +380442488348

Good luck! And have a super day!

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